Fort Harrison 
Daniel Harrison House, circa 1749

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         FORT HARRISON'S 8th
     Annual Colonial Trades Fair
Mr. Jenkins Builds a Stone Wall
2024 marks the 275th anniversary of the building of Daniel Harrison's stone dwelling house. In recognition of this important milestone, we will be focusing on the building trades, especially stonemasonry, during the Colonial Trades Fair this year.

In preparation for demonstrating colonial stone masonry skills, Clyde Jenkins has already started work on a stone wall, which will surround two sides
of the 21st century  heat pump in the rear yard. 

As always, no matter if we are talking white oak baskets, heritage apple trees or stonemasonry, Clyde and his team of hardworking young men are on the job - and we always learn a lot from their efforts.

At the trades fair on June 15th, Clyde will complete the wall and demonstrate how such an important trade was accomplished in the 18th century.

June 15th   10 am til 3 pm