Fort Harrison 
Daniel Harrison House, circa 1749

Fort Harrison Through the Generations
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Fort Harrison Owners: 

      1749       Daniel Harrison builds his stone 
                       house on Cook's Creek

      1767       Benjamin Harrison, son of Daniel,
                       assumes title to the property

      1816       Dr. Peachy Harrison, son of
                       Benjamin Harrison, becomes
                       the final Harrison to own the house

      1821       John Allebaugh purchases the house
                       from Dr. Harrison

      1856        J.N. Liggett purchases the property

      1862        William and Solomon Burtner buy 
                        house from Mr. Liggett

      1870        Solomon Burtner assumes full title

      1917         E.L. Koogler purchases the house
                         from the Burtners

       1929         D.W. Koogler assumes title from
                          his father (E.L. Koogler)

       1978          Fort Harrison, Inc. purchases the
                           house from Daniel  Koogler to
                           begin restoration.


     During the French and Indian War (1754 - 1763) the
Virginia legislature, known as the House of Burgesses,
passed numerous acts for the defense of the frontier. Many of the already existing substantial houses were designated as "forts". The Daniel Harrison house was one of these and was known as "Fort Harrison". 
    The original house was built of limestone with two foot thick walls. It contained four rooms with end chimneys serving fireplaces in each of the four rooms. The chimneys were separate units, not built as part of the wall construction. There is no evidence of a cellar.

Photograph taken around 1903 during the Burtner 
family ownership.