Fort Harrison 
Daniel Harrison House, circa 1749

1749 South Front During Restoration 
    Deteriorated wood cornice under roof line has been renewed.
    Stucco still remains on portion of stone front.
     Rusty tin roof replaced with wood shingles.
1749 South Front After Restoration

   Front porch has been rebuilt.
   New gutters installed.
   Cornice replaced.
1850s Brick Wing - North Side- Before Restoration

     Extensive deterioration of the west
chimney wall due to vegetation,etc.
     Note small window between chimneys in attic.
1850's  Brick Wing- North Side- After Restoration

  Old gutters and vines removed from chimney side.
   Paint on brick wing to match the original light yellow color.
1850's Brick Wing- East Side- During Early Restoration

   Original East stone wall of 1749   house dismantled to be built back, due to the original wall shifting from midpoint.
​   East rear porch which is missing needs to be replaced.
1850's Brick Wing - East Side  During Later Phase of  Restoration 

   East stone wall rebuilt  in 1749 portion of the house
1850's Brick WIng - East Side - Final Phase Restoration

   Brick wing painted.
   New East porch completed
1850's Brick Wing - West Side- During  Early Restoration

   West stone wall rebuilt on 1749 house
Brick Wing yet to be restored 

1850's Brick Wing - West Side - After

   West side of 1749 stone wall rebuilt.
Side porch replaced on brick addition.

     The Daniel Harrison House is one of the oldest houses in the Shenandoah Valley and is closely associated with the early history of Rockingham County.   
      Daniel Harrison settled near the headwaters of Cook's Creek and built his massive stone house around 1749. He and his brothers were prominent members of the community. The house remained in the Harrison family for many years and was sold out of the family by Dr. Peachy Harrison in 1821. The property then passed through many owners, the last being the Koogler family.
        In 1978 Fort Harrison, Inc. was organized  to purchase the house and restore the property.
1749 South Front Before Restoration

  Original limestone revealed on southeast corner. 
  Remains of front porch roof can be seen between first and second floor windows. 
  Wood cornice has deteriorated and separated from the stone wall.
 Daniel Harrison House,1973
    Charles E. Hill, Photographer
Organization of Fort Harrison, Inc.

     In 1978 a non-profit corporation to be known as Fort Harrison, Inc. was formed in order to purchase the Daniel Harrison House and restore the property.  The house and grounds were purchased from the Koogler family which had owned the house for many years.
     Restoration of the exterior began immediately. After the stabilization of the basic structure, work on the interior of the building began.
     In spite of a rusty tin roof and the lack of functioning gutters, the interior of the house had received little water damage. The woodwork, floors,fireplace mantles and stairs were in good condition.
​     Today, Fort Harrison, Inc. continues its purpose - to maintain this old frontier house as a reminder of the pioneer spirit and rich heritage of the Shenandoah Valley.
 1850's Brick Wing - West Side - Before 

  Rear porch, which is not original, will be removed and replaced.
  West stone wall has shifted from its midpoint, perhaps after stone fireplaces were removed around 1860.
  Note brick corner of the summer kitchen to the far left.
  1850's Brick Wing - North Side-Before Restoration

     End wall of the brick addition is pulling away from the house.Upper one third of the west chimney has opened along the outside and allowed water to enter.